Our Services

Our continually growing customer base has come to rely on us for their printing needs as well as their IT support needs.

Print Services

New and refurbished printers, copiers, and fax machines – Don’t waste money and time at big box stores. We can help you decide which printer to buy, sell it to you at a good price, install it on your network, and supply you with high quality printing supplies at great prices. Contact Us right away with any questions you might have.
Repairs/On-site Installation of printers, copiers and fax machines – Imaging Solutions and More provides the Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut  area with reliable, consistent and timely printer, copier and  fax machine setup and repair for all brands and models. You can drop off your machine for repair or schedule an appointment for us to come on-site to perform the repair. Many repairs can be done the same or next day. Please give us a call or contact us to get help for your equipment.
New OEM name brand, factory remanufactured, and factory new compatible inkjet ink cartridges and laser cartridges – We provide OEM (original equipment manufacturer) named brand as well as factory remanufactured cartridges. Remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges have been a reliable choice for a number of years, offering the same print quality as original brand cartridges at an affordable price. 

IT Support Services

At Imaging Solutions and More our main goal is to partner with your business in order to develop a mutually  beneficial relationship. We provide the following IT Support Services to help your business:
General Computer/Laptop repair – We provide a wide array of on-site computer repair and laptop repair at extremely competitive prices.
Software Repair – quickbooks installation and configuring. System restores and factory updates.
Hardware Repair (Includes Printer repair service) – We will repair physical damages that are incurred by your computer or printer. This service includes the installation of new hardware, repair or updating hardware, etc.
Office 365 Installation & E-Mail Setup – Microsoft Office 365 is a Dependable Cloud Computing solution that is used by most modern day businesses. Microsoft Office 365 gives your business the power of cloud productivity, allowing you to save time, money and free up valued company resources. This solution combines the Office desktop suite you’re already familiar with and cloud-based versions of next-generation communications and collaboration solutions, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.
We can help you install and customize it to fit your current needs.
Data Recovery and Data back ups
 – Don’t let your data get lost to random issues, hardware crashes or a virus. We can work with you to implement recovery strategies as well as help you recover data that has been inadvertently lost. Datto authorized reseller-  By far we believe that Datto products exceed most conventional backup methods.  Datto products provide full bootable system images every night Including servers and workstations running in workgroup and domain based environments.  This means that we have a full working virtual pc ready to go daily if something goes wrong with your existing system.  We can deploy and manage the solution in your environment today.  We are also familiar with traditional in house cloud and external cloud based methods.
Office equipment maintenance – Office equipment can be costly and should it break down the impact to your productivity might prove costly. That’s why regular maintenance is important. We can work with you to help extend the life of your machines.
Virus and Malware removal (Lost Data recovery Services) – We will ensure that your computer virus will be removed without risking the important data or information on your computer.
Computer Network Support (Servicing PC Workstations, Servers, and Firewalls) – Down company networks result in lost money, productive and time. Trust us to be your relabel network support team to bring your systems back up to speed. With us you get fast personalized IT support services.
Firewall installation and configuration – In order to  protect your business’s systems and keep your critical data safe. A firewall is your first line of defense. We can help you install and configure a firewall that will help keep your data safe from hackers and other malicious actors.

Servicing Datacard and Zebra secure card printers – For Law enforcement and other card issuing authorities, we have almost 15 years experience servicing Datacard and Zebra secure card printers. We are also Datacard certified.  These machines are used anywhere secure ID cards are produced.